1/2-3/2015 Stables Casino, Miami Oklahoma featuring for Jimmie Walker 
 1/4/2015 Sith Happens 1380 AM 3:00-6:00 St. Louis.10:00 Nick's Pub St. Louis
 1/5/2015 Degenerate Mondays, Fox River House, Appleton Wi. 
 1/7/2015  Mustangs, South Beloit Wi. with Mike Merryfield
 1/8-10/2015  Skyline Comedy Club with Dave Waite
 1/15/2015  Green Room, De Pere Wi. 
 2/6/2015  Kenny the King Tobacco Bar, Lakemoor Il.
 2/7/2015  George Street Connection, De Pere, Wi.
 2/14/2015  Bumps Bar, Clintonville, Wi.
 2/19/2015 Green Room, De Pere WI. 
 3/14/2015  The Lounge, Hortonville WI.
 2/28/2015  Opening for Dobie Maxwell's Schlitz Happens, Heyde Center for the Arts, Chippewa Falls, WI
 3/12/2015  The Green Room, De Pere, WI
 3/14/2015  The Studio Lounge Hortonville WI. 
 The Green Room, De Pere, WI
 3/27-28/2015  Skyline Comedy Club, Appleton, WI. MC for Ryan Stout
 3/30/2015  Comedy Showcase @ Zanies, Old Town , Chicago
 4/4/2015  The George Street Connection De Pere Wi. with John Egan
 4/6/2015  Degenerate Mondays, Fox River House, Appleton, WI
 4/9/2015  Green Room De Pere WI. with Rick Wood
 4/11/2015  Opening for Dobie Maxwell's Schlitz Happens. Hext Theater, Rhinelander WI.
 4/17,18/2015 Comedy Shrine Aurora, Il. Featuring for Jimmie JJ Walker 
 4/20/2015  Brewster Village Nursing Home w/ Roger Radley ( performing, not being admitted).
 4/30/2015  Green Room De Pere WI. with John Egan
 5/28/2015  Green Room De Pere WI.
 5/29-30/2015  Skyline Comedy Club, Appleton WI. with headliner Fritz
 6/10/2015  Cold Shot bar, Appleton Wi.
 6/25/2015  Green Room De Pere WI
 7/17/2015  Sheeley House Saloon Chippewa Falls with Dwight York
 7/20/2015  Fox River House, Appleton WI.
 7/23 2015
Green Room De Pere WI. with Steve Hartman 
 7/22/2015  Cold Shot Bar, Appleton WI.
 7/24/2015  Skyline Comedy Club, late show only
 8/17/2015  Roast of Tyler Sitar, Fox River House Appleton
 8/22 2015
 Cimarron, Menasha WI.
 8/27/2015  Green Room, De Pere WI.
 8/28/2015  Dinner show @ The Winemaker's Daughter,  Manawa Wi.
 9/12/2015  Studio Lounge Hortonville WI
 9/16/2015 Beloit WI. Mustangs 
 9/17/2015  Green Room, De Pere WI.
 10/2-3/2015 Skyline Comedy Club Appleton WI.
 10-08-2015   Green Room, De Pere WI.
 10-10/2015   Eilert's Freeport Il.
 10-14-2015  Beloit WI Mustang's w/ Dobie Maxwell. 
 10-17-2015  Tangiers Hookah Bar, Dekalb,Il.
 10-29, 30,31 and Nov 1/2015
 Off the Hook Comedy Club, Naples Fla. Featuring for Jimmie JJ Walker
 11-12-2015 Green Room, De Pere WI. 
 11-27-28/2015  Skyline Comedy Cafe, Appleton WI.
 12-2-2015  Mustang's, S. Beloit WI.
 12-7-2015  Fox River House, Appleton WI.
 12-12-2015  River Rail, Schioctin WI. private party
 12-17-2015  Green Room De Pere WI. roast of Santa Claus
 12-26-2015  Skyline Comedy Cafe Christmas Showcase 9:45 show, Appleton WI.
 1-21-2016  Green Room, De Pere WI.
 2-1-2016  Fox River House Appleton,  WI.
 2-2-2016   Copper Still, Neenah, WI.POSTPONED DUE TO BLIZZARD
 2-4-2016  Mad Dog Saloon Sportsbar, Greenfield, WI. with Dobie Maxwell
 2-6-2016  Sake-Tumi Milwaukee, WI.
 2-9-2016  Copper Still, Neenah, WI
 2-17-2016  Mustang's, S. Beloit WI.
 2-18-2016  Skyline Comedy Cafe, Appleton, WI.
 2-20-2016  Firehouse Pub and Grill, Roscoe, Il.
 2-25-2016  Green Room, De Pere, WI.
 Studio lounge, Hortonville WI. 
 3-1-2016  WISUP show Copper Still, neenah, WI.
 3-2-2016 WISUP show at The Back Lot, Oshkosh WI. 
 3-6-2016  WISUP Show at The Green Room, De Pere, WI.
 3-7-2016  Copper Still, Neenah, WI.
 Dr. Grins Comedy Club, Grand Rapids MI.
 3-24-2016  Green Room, De Pere WI.
 3-26-2016  Rounding Third Showcase, Milwaukee WI.
 4-1-2016  Rookies, Stephens Point WI.
 4-2-2016  Sassy's, Black Creek WI.
 4-4-2016  Degenerate Mondays Fox River House Appleton WI.
 4-5-2016  WISUP Show Copper Still Neenah, WI.
 4-7,8,9 2016
 Featuring for Rob Brakenridge @ Skyline Comedy Cafe
 4-18-2016  Private Party, Winneconne WI.
Mustangs, S. Beloit Wi. 
 4-28-2016  Green Room, De Pere WI.
 5-2-2016 Johnny B's, Wautoma WI. with Dobie Maxwell and Krains Butter 

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Greg Willett